New Zealand has 5000 Job Openings, Salary around 100K Pesos, No Placement Fee

According to POEA, New Zealand is currently in need of 5000 plus skilled workers and laborers that has work experience related to construction, and farming in 2017. Salary range from NZD 2,400 (Php 89000) to NZD 3,520 (Php 131,000) depending on the worker’s field of specialization. There is no placement fee. The 5000 job openings for […]


Japan will soon have 100,000 Job Openings for Foreigners and Filipinos

There are approximately 100,000 jobs that will be opened in Japan for Filipinos and foreigners, but there is a possibility that Filipino professionals and semi-skilled workers will be their priority once the said country starts hiring additional manpower. This is another good news to Filipino job seekers who dreamed of working abroad particularly in Japan. […]


SM multiple job vacancies

SM Supermalls, the Philippines’ leader in the retail industry, approaches its future with renewed vitality and energy to serve a new generation of shoppers, and the many loyal customers that have made SM a part of their lives. SM was founded as a shoe store by Henry T., Sy Sr. in October 1958. Sy, regarded […]